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Hotel Domestique

Hotel Domestique is Unique. It's not your typical luxury hotel. It's not just a “nice place to stay” in a beautiful setting. It’s place to embrace life in all its abundance. It’s about creating rich experiences. Experiences that enrich the mind. Enliven the body. And energize the spirit. Within our walls, and throughout our thoughtfully envisioned grounds, lies a world of amenities that is designed to inspire. We realize that everyone is different—and while one person seeks adventure, another seeks relaxation. While one delights in the rush of physical exertion, another is content to soak-up the stillness of a mountain day. One thing is certain, whatever you’re seeking, we have an experience to match. AMENITIES:Complimentay European Continental Breakfast, Restaurant, Cafe, Bar, Room Service, Outdoor Pool, Cycling, Library, Fitness Studio, Complimentary access to all Cliffs Communities with Golf and Wellness center and restuarants.

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